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Photo Exhibition

 When looking at the pictures on the site we saw that many places which were built as commemoration and to a lot of people reflect pain and bereavement are place full of life and happiness. we saw playgrounds where many young children play and constantly there is noise and joy.
We wanted to bring this message of optimism to as many people as possible.
We created the photo exhibition after a long process of selection and finally came up with the 35 photos that best reflect the message of the site and of the commemoration phenomena.



  1. Media Coverage  (Hebrew)
  2. Exhibition in Kastra gallery in Haifa -  April 2007
  3. Exhibition in Gerar Bachar Theatre in Jerusalem - June 2007 
  4. Exhibition in "One Family" house in Jerusalem - Nov 2007 (English)


Media coverage


The exhibition in Haifa was covered by many media channels. The next YouTube video show the exhibition chosen photos and the sound is the radio interview of the three fathers (In Hebrew) talking about the exhibiton and its purpose.




The next item was broadcasted on channel 1 in their "Air time" program, it's in Hebrew and discusses the exhibition in Jerusalem and the work behind it.





An article in a local magazine: (In Hebrew)




 Page 1 of the Article: 


Page 2 of the article: 



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The Exhibition in Kastra gallery in Haifa


The invitation to the opening:







 The exhibition hall



People watching the photos                                              Ron interviews to a local radio channel



 Haifa Mayor Mr. Yona Yahav speaks at the opening        Dr. Udi Lebel speaks at the opening




Mrs. Vered Swaid, prime minister advisor for social affairs speaks at the opening



Yossi Zur, Asaf's father - speaks at the opening


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The exhibition at Gerar Bachar Theatre in Jerusalem


Gerar Bachar Theatre is located at the central of Jerusalem and many shows are played there. the foyer hall is used as a gellery and exhibitions are placed there.

The big audience that passes there every night assures a big exposure to the exhibition.

The photo exhibition was displayed there for two weeks.





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Exhibition in "One Family" house in Jerusalem


Article about the exhibition on "one Family" web site (In English - translated from Maariv daily newspaper by Yehuda Poch)


A short video clip (In English) in which Yossi Zur speaks about the exhibition.




Pictures taken at the opening of the exhibition:


היוסים ליד תמונות התערוכה           








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