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Zefat Cemetery

Terror Attack Place:

Maalot Netiv Meir School

Commemoration Site:



Golan and Northern Israel



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On Wednesday May 15th 1974 three terrorists came from Lebanon to the city of Maalot. After killing a woman from the village of Fasuta they arrived in Maalot and tried to enter private homes. They managed to penetrate the home of the Cohen family and killed three of the people there.

The terrorists continued to a near by school where students from a school from Zefat who were on trip slept. The terrorists assembled 85 of the Zefat school students and asked for release of terrorists from the Israeli jail.

During the day negotiations took place.

Later during a rescue attempt and before the soldiers could get to the children the terrorists shot and threw grenades at the children killing 22 of the Zefat students and wounding tens.




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    21/01/2008  Leiba  
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    24/01/2008  Irwin Durbach
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    04/03/2010  Igor Peker
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    22/06/2016  SVETLANA ZISKIN