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A Square on the main road

Terror Attack Place:

Beit Hilel Fields

Commemoration Site:

Beit Hilel


Golan and Northern Israel



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Yehuda Sandler, member of “Gedud Ha’avoda” was the field's watcher in Moshav Beit Hilel, on Januray 25th 1941 Yehuda went to the fields and found a group of Arabs who had their herds on the Moshav fields, the herding on the fields caused great damages to the crops. Yehuda demanded that they went away, the arabs refused, As yehuda went down from his horse he was hit on the head and died.
Yehuda Sandler was 41 years old. His grave stands in the middle of the Moshav till today.



Yehuda Sandler

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