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A Park in Yefe Nof Neighborhood

Terror Attack Place:

New York 911

Commemoration Site:

Nes Ziona


Central Israel



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On September 11th 2001 two airplanes crashed into the world trade center buildings in New York city. The two building collapsed and buried under them nearly three thousand people. Amongst the dead were four Israelis, two of which were in the buildings and two who were aboard the airplanes that crashed into the towers.
The four are: Alona Avraham, Dani Levin, Shai Levinhar and Hagai Shefi.

Alona Avraham, a young woman who was born in Ashdod went for a first trip in the USA. She was on her way from Boston to Los Angeles and was killed in the airplane that crashed into the south tower.

Dani Levin, 32 years old, graduated from MIT and was a founder of the high tech company “Akami”, Dani was aboard the plane that crashed into the north tower.

Shai Levinhar, 29 years old, worked on the 103 floor of the north tower in Kantor Fitzgerald company. He was survived by his wife and a daughter.

Hagai Shefi 34 years old was the CEO of GoldTier High Tech Company. On that morning he was invited and supposed to lecture on the 106th floor of the north building that was hit first.
After the hit and before the tower crashed, Hagai called Sigal his wife, described the tower the flames and the smoke, he calmly said he doesn’t see how can come out alive from the situation. He departed from her and from his family.

In Ness Ziona – a Big Public Park in a new residential area- Yefe Noff was Dedicated on November 30 , 2001 by the Mayor Yossy Shvo and the Cultural Attache of the US Embassy.

The picture is from the web site created in memory of hagai Shefi.