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Reali School "Beit Biram"

Terror Attack Place:

Haifa Bus 37

Commemoration Site:



Haifa Area



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On March 5th 2003 on 2:15 pm a suicide bomber exploded on board bus route 37 on Moriah street in Haifa. 17 people were killed, most of them young people, nine were school students coming back from school on their way home.

In the attack were killed 17 people, amongst them a druze girl from the villages on the Carmel Mountain near Haifa, a Christian girl and a US citizen who's parents live and work in Israel, a Christian immigrant from the former soviet union, a Muslim woman on her way to work. The mix of the killed people is like a spitting image of the society in Israel.

Yuval Mendelevich, 13 years old, and Abigail Litle, 13 years old were killed on the bus.

They both were students of the Reali school "Merkaz" branch, the school created the Magical garden in their memory.


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