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Tveria Cemetary

Terror Attack Place:

Kiriyat Shmuel Tveria

Commemoration Site:



Golan and Northern Israel



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On October 2nd, 1938, midst of the riots in the country, as the night started, Arabs blocked all roads leading to Tveria. At about 9pm they started shooting at the city from all around it. A group of 70 arabs entered the city, half of them went to attack the government house and burnt it, the second half went to Kiryat Shmuel neighborhood, they broke onto house and killed all. In one house they killed a mother and her five children, in another, a family of four. In the synagogue they killed Yakov zaltz who waited to wake up the people to come to pray, he was burnt trying to save the Torah.
After some 40 minutes the arabs went uninterrupted, two guards who came trying to protect the neighborhood, Israel Foxman and Micha Zvi Chazkelevich hit an ambush and were killed.