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Place of attack

Terror Attack Place:

Maale Akrabim

Commemoration Site:

Scorpions Ascent


Negev and Southern Israel



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On Wednesday March 17th 1954 in the afternoon an "Eshed" bus was on its way from Eilat northbound after the five years celebration to the city liberation. In the bus were fifteen passengers and soldiers. Near Maale Akrabim, 20 Km south east of Dimona, Terrorists opened fire. The driver was killed and the bus stopped. The terrorists boarded the bus and shot the passengers.
12 people were killed.

Many years later, on January 22nd 2007 the old restored bus went from Haifa to Eilat, the bus will be parked outside the "Eilat my city" museum in Eilat which shows the major milestones in the History of the city Eilat.
The bus was empty and the only one to board him was a survivor of the attack Miri Firstenberg, she did it in the name of all those killed that day.