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Wiezman Institution

Terror Attack Place:

Ben Gurion Airport

Commemoration Site:



Central Israel



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On Tuesday May 30th 1972 three Japanese terrorists arrived to Israel’s airport on Air France flight. They went to baggage claim and pulled rifles and grenades from their suit cases. They started firing in all directions hitting other passengers, waiting families and airport workers.

Twenty four people were killed, amongst the killed, eight Israelis the rest tourists, tens were wounded. Two terrorists were killed and one captured, Kozo Okamoto later to be released in one of the exchanges with the terror organizations in Lebanon.

From the shooting, Prof’ Aharon Katzir, 59, Israel's president Ephraim Katzir brother was killed.

Prof' Katzir a famous sceintist is commeorated on the memorial wall in Weizman Institution where he worked and thought.




Aharon katzir